Cathodic Electro Deposition

Cathodic Electro Deposition (CED) is a process of organic coating of an object having a conductive surface connected to a circuit as the cathode, by positively charged paint particles suspended in aqueous medium, under direct current. CED coating is most widely used for automobile components.

- Good corrosion resistance
- Uniform coating thickness without porosity
- Parts of complex shapes and cavities can be fully covered
- Efficient utilization of coating materials

- Covers a wide range of materials (aluminum and steel castings, forgings and sheet metal)
- Relatively high speed coating
- Aqueous process, hence free of fire risk
- Environmentally friendly

Present feature: Phorotech uses 6th generation CED paint which has more edge corrosion protection.

Colour: Semi glossy black

Compliance to customer’s requirement of scrap vehicle directive:
Lead: Absent, Chromium 6+: Absent, Cadmium: Absent, Mercury: Absent

Others: CED coating is used as base coat for top coat of wet paint, PU paint and powder.